casual edge master bedroom.

lately i've been working with a client on her master bedroom and pulling together the final pieces. she is ridiculously cool but humbly unaware of it which makes her that much cooler. ugh. so cool.
so obviously her bedroom has to be equally as amazing, we decided on taking the casual edge route with the design and are using some crazy good fabrics and some modern vintage furniture. it's really going to look ridiculously good when we're done and here's a quick little sketch of what's going to happen.
tomorrow i'll be updating with the concept board for the room and more details!

and just fyi, this is also a taste of what the e - interiors projects receive but i'll have more on that soon too! there's only 2 spots left at the discounted price!! email if you'd like to start your room!

- xo -


coachella 2013.

since i won't be making it to 
coachella this year,
i'd like to live vicariously through this pillow.

'nuff said.

- xo -


black is back.

actually it never really went away.
there should always be a little black in your life
to stay grounded.

things i'm loving lately:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

- xo -


iphone project update.

just a quick iphone update of a project in the works -
client casual cool is coming along nicely and we're about to start purchasing & installing the master bedroom.
these are some of the goodies going in.

ridiculous dot art framed in a lucite box.
entire master bed recovered in some amazing fabric.
wallpaper that will make you say, 'i want that wallpaper'...
(creative, i know.)
flat black paint... going, somewhere.

ya, it's going to be the coolest of the cool.
and ya, i just said that.

- xo -


e - interiors launched!

i'll keep it short & sweet because there's
a lot of good info below.

e - interiors.
i'm now offering the same services i offer all of my clients but NOW through the internet - all via email!

lower cost for you = more towards the space you want to design.
my resources & experience = unique finds & better pricing.


i'll be posting some example projects in the next few weeks 
so check back & email me directly at ericalawton@me.com
to start your e - interiors project!

ps :: hope you noticed the 50% off launch deal for the first
ten people to set up their project!

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new chris berrett textiles.

nothing better than waking up to an email with a new fabric to remind me that summer is on it's glorious way.
ahh, summa time.
anyways, you know you're loving the whole triangle/ desert chic
style that's totally happening right now,
so fall in line.

these new outdoor textiles from chris barrett are rocking my world and there are so many things that i'd love to do with them.
beyond the obvious of upholstering everything in sight and draping a few large windows (cause how easy would it be to keep clean, right?!) ... this would be amazing to upholster some walls with!
ugh, can you imagine the madness.
i love.

or if you have crazy animals like i do, or crazy enthusiatic children (like i don't), this would be amazing on a sofa or large piece of furniture.
it's pattern but not too much pattern, stylish but still sophisticated, modern yet timeless...
you get the point.
it would definitely make a rad sofa.

if you want to check out more of chris barrett's textiles
see them here.
*note: this line is trade only so you'll have to find your
hipster designer friend and ask them to place the order for you.

- xo -


la mer or not to la mer?

this isn't the first time i've considered buying moderately expensive face moisturizer but i'm trying to understand what
makes the la mer cream sooooooo amazing that it's worth
$275 for 2oz.

fo' real?! what does this stuff do that's so different?!
please let me know, ladies who've used the product!
i'm  treating myself to a new years gifty and this would be it,
so i need to know. should i get it??

again, i've bought expensive cream before but i'd really be
setting a record at more than $100 per ounce for this la mer cream.

so tell me ladies, 
have you used the product?
is it gold in a jar?
or is it just like any other cream?
should i splurge and just do it???

ugh, help.
seriously. comment below and let me know your thoughts!

- xo -


moroccan rug art.

with all the sparkle of the new year i couldn't help
but totally LOVE these moroccan rugs from wax + cruz.

'big sparkle' - handira style 47"x68"

alas, this one is already sold.
duh. of course it is.
look at all of those sequins!!!
i die.

'blonde arrow' - azilal style 36x92"

how amazing would this be over the bed?!
it's the perfect size & those colors are killing it.
neutrals & neon. my fav.

'the bride' handira style 44"x72"

i'm so intrigued by this particular rug though,
the mixture of pattern, shag, sequins, and color
have me sold.

these rugs transcend so many various styles that nearly
anyone could incorporate a moroccan rug in their home.
check out wax + cruz for more.

- xo -


happy new year.

i always love the start to a new year.
new starts.
fresh beginnings.
a clean slate.

it feels like 2013 will be something special.

enjoy your new years!

- xo -


gigliotti photography.

not sure when i came across judith gigliotti but i've
had her work tagged for a while now and just finally
found the time to share.

love, right?!

i simply can't get over the images above from her 'White Album'.
more here.

plus these.

the color and composition of the photos are so 
fresh and modern. i can just see one of these blown up to
a ridiculously large scale and hung in my house.

the beach and neon always do me in.  

she also does more than just beaches,
check out this sunflower field.

my favorite.

- xo -