la mer or not to la mer?

this isn't the first time i've considered buying moderately expensive face moisturizer but i'm trying to understand what
makes the la mer cream sooooooo amazing that it's worth
$275 for 2oz.

fo' real?! what does this stuff do that's so different?!
please let me know, ladies who've used the product!
i'm  treating myself to a new years gifty and this would be it,
so i need to know. should i get it??

again, i've bought expensive cream before but i'd really be
setting a record at more than $100 per ounce for this la mer cream.

so tell me ladies, 
have you used the product?
is it gold in a jar?
or is it just like any other cream?
should i splurge and just do it???

ugh, help.
seriously. comment below and let me know your thoughts!

- xo -

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